About Us

We are Seventh Day Adventist Christians.  We are "Senior Citizens" who love Jesus Christ and His Holy Word.  We believe every man woman and child is the property of Our Father in Heaven and one of His children.

However: there are two camps visible in this world; God's obedient children; and those who are in rebellion against God, His Moral Law of 10 Commandments and all the principles that come from those ten, including, civil law, health laws, marriage and family and all social intercourse. 


 Looking back through history, there have always been two camps, the camp of Cain and the camp of AbleCain professed to be a "Christian" but he thought he could do things "his way".  Able was a Christian.  He chose to be obedient to the express commands of his Creator God.  We are in the camp of Cain or in the camp of faithful Able